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      Zaozhuang Tairui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      About Tairui

      Zaozhuang Tairui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Dige Town, Yicheng District, Zaozhuang City of Shandong Province. Founded in April 2005, the company has an occupied floor area of 67000 square meters and building area of 20,000 square meters and the total investment is 120 million. Tairui enjoys superior location and convenient transportation, it is about 20 kilometres to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, 88 kilometres to Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, 26 kilometres to Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, 10 kilometres to the entrance of Zaozhuang-Linyi Expressway, and next to 206 national road.

      Zaozhuang Tairui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.




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      Address:Dige Town, Yicheng District, Zaozhuang Shandong , China | Tel:+86-632-7703688 | Fax:+86-632-7703997 | E-mail:tairui@tairuichem.com